Horse Development, marketing agency for companies in equine industry

Horse Development is a marketing agency specialized in equine sector.

Since 2012, we support large companies or SMEs in France and Europe, to help them define their objectives, develop their marketing strategies and implement concrete actions. Our specialization  in equine industry allows us to truly understand your expectations and those of your customers while respecting the requirements of a complex market.

A marketing agency is a key partner for every company, whatever its size, it has for mission to advise the leaders and the teams in place especially about how to develop or adapt their marketing strategy…

We can work, for example, on :

  • The construction of a business plan for a company creation or the launch of a product or service,
  • A benchmark for competition, analysis of the business model implemented, with an objectiv of differentiation
  • A desire to refine the knowledge of a market to detect commercial opportunities
  • Assistance in the drafting, administration and analysis of targeted market studies specific to the equine sector
  • A need to take a step back on an existing product / service


We invite you to contact us by email, explaining what are you needs or your problematic, we will find a methodology together for sure.

Why an specialization in equine industry ?

Why an specialization in equine industry ?

The equine sector, in particularly in France, is complex, and composed of very different actors with very different objectives. We can even mention several « sub-sectors »: sport and leisure, trotting and galloping, the meat sector … Each of these sectors has its own final economic objectives (sports results, development of an economy related to leisure or tourism, encouragement of bettors…). Each of these sectors has actors in specific trades (riders, coaches, jockeys …), and often a specific language. Beyond this complexity and rich diversity, our sector is an important economic sector:

In France, 180,000 people have their jobs generated by the sector, 55,000 companies live directly from it, for a product of 14 billion euros (including the amount related to horse racing according to figures from theIFCE).

Horse Development is born from the desire to support the companies of the equine sector in their growth precisely and durably. Horse Development is a specialized equine industry marketing & strategy agency, to respond to horse world companies interacting in an extremely specific world and meeting customers with increasing demands.

Why a marketing agency specialized in equine industry ?

The opinion of ALICE MONIER TORRENTE, our director:

When you create a qualitative study on a high-level racing trainer panel (European top), and if, during the call, the trainer talks about "gros-bois", or "Jean-Michel Bazire" or others ... and that you don't know what it means... Your study will not be of a high quality ... "
"Discussing this with customers who have previously used non-specialized marketing agencies, it is impossible to quickly understand the functioning and dialects of our industry for an external consultant, especially with a short duration of mission, and strategic objectives are often not sufficiently achieved. The investment in the study is then lost.

Customer reviews

Very well. Very serious. Reactivity, listening to remarks made as and when. Well listened to what we wanted. I would not change much, if it was to do again, good job. Report very well done, interesting, in the synthesis each time, each argument is supported by a quote, gives credibility.

Study of a high-end real estate project in the equine sector

Customer reviews

START-UP: very good results in terms of what was expected. Good knowledge of the connected objects market for the horse world and new technologies in general. We appreciated the availability and the exchanges throughout the study.

Market research for a connected object concerning the monitoring of the horse at rest

Customer reviews

Group: We have greatly appreciated your service and your work being a base currently actively exploited by the France team [...] On my side in the upstream phase, I will highlight your responsiveness, rigor, reliability and listening. In the downstream phase I found your supports very clear and exhaustive, they make it possible to feel the targets well.

General Manager, mission of advice image and product positioning



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